Tree and Shrub Care Done Right

Tree and Shrub Care - Tulip PoplarClassic Lawns does tree and shrub care right because we love trees and shrubs. They add beauty and value to your lawn and landscape.  Plus, we love to keep your existing trees and shrubs healthy.  We have environmentally friendly programs to help protect your trees & shrubs from insects and disease.

We Do Not Treat Unless It Is Absolutely Needed!

At Classic Lawns our tree and shrub care program mostly involves education.  Most of the time when a tree or shrub has a problem it is because it was planted in the wrong place.  By wrong place, usually we mean the wrong part of the country.  Many trees just don’t belong where they were planted.  This causes the tree or shrub to become stressed and become susceptible to disease and insects.  Many times we suggest saving all the money you would be spending treating a tree or shrub for insects or diseases and using that money to replace the tree or shrub with a better plant!

If we determine that your tree or shrub is worthy of treating, we will set up a plan of action to get your tree or shrub as healthy as possible.

Tree and Shrub Care - Bald Cypress Tree
Bald Cypress Tree

Root Feeding Your Trees and Shrubs

Deep root feeding your trees and shrubs with a balanced fertilizer provides many benefits:

  • Better fall color
  • More resistance to insects and disease
  • Stronger, healthier roots
  • Fuller canopy
  • Improved health and growth

If you are interested in improving your trees and shrubs by adding a fall root feeding to your program, click here for more info!

We Love To Plant New Trees!

If you want to add a tree to your landscape, we love to plant new trees.  We will help you pick out the best tree for you!  Once we decide on the tree for your home, we plant it, mulch it, and include a Deep Root Feeding for it.  We plant trees that are 1.5-2.0″ in caliber.  This is the diameter of the trees trunk at chest height. Must trees are 6′-8′ tall at this point.  This is the BEST size to plant.  If you go bigger you run into risks of the tree not surviving the transplant or it can be stunted for years.  If you plant a smaller size, it takes too long to grow.

So if you want a new tree or if you just want to keep your current trees & shrubs healthy, ClassicLawns is here for you because…we LOVE trees!

If you need a tree removed or you want some pruning done the right way, please call our friends!

In Springfield use All About Trees or Cherokee Tree Care.