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Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Start Up

Start up your sprinkler system the right way with ClassicLawns.  What makes our way better?  Other companies start up sprinkler systems by manually turning on the zones at the valve boxes.  While this is easy and does not require access to your clock, it is not very thorough.  ClassicLawns sets up an appointment with you to start up your system.  We start each zone with the clock to be sure your clock, pipes, and wiring system are working properly.  We set up your clock for proper and responsible watering.  Plus, we check every head and adjust them as needed to be sure they are watering accurately and efficiently.  We make sure you are watering what you are suppose to water. Book your Start Up NOW!


Backflow Testing

Most cities require that you have your backflow tested yearly.  This is to make sure it is working properly and not allowing water to flow back from your sprinkler lines into the cities water.  Did you know that you have to take a class, pass a test, and have a license to do backflow tests?  ClassicLawns will test your backflow, make sure it is working properly, and turn in the required paperwork to the city.



As winter approaches, it turns to closing time for your sprinkler system.  To prevent damage from freezing ClassicLawns will blow out your system,  We use the proper equipment set at the correct air pressure to ensure no harm is done to your sprinkler lines or sprinkler heads.

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We optimize your sprinklers so you are putting water where it is supposed to go.  Driveways, sidewalks and houses do not need water!


Grass, shrubs, and other plants need water to live, but too much water is not good.  We adjust your sprinkler heads for proper results!


When repairs are needed ClassicLawns is here for you.  Timely, quick and efficient repairs done right the first time!

Clock Management

We set up your clock to water the right amount at the right times!  Leave it to us or get a thorough education on programming your clock!

Smart Controller

Upgrade your clock to a WiFi smart controller.  Run your sprinklers from your tablet or phone from anywhere in the world at any time!


Just because you have a watering system does not mean you always need it. Water is a precious resource.  At ClassicLawns we want you to use it wisely!

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“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”

~ W. H. Auden