Classic Lawns Payment Options

Classic Lawns Payment Options


We have all heard the saying that one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.  We also know that a large majority of our customers are good apples.  However, we all have had it happen to us.  We misplace a bill, we lose track of the due date or we just forget to pay. 

Most service companies like plumbers and carpet cleaners collect payment at time of service.  With lawn care collecting at time of service is not practical for us or you.  So, for over 30 years now the lawn industry has a had VERY generous policy of allowing customers 30 days to pay.  At ClassicLawns we used to extended this policy to our customers.  We were very lenient with our customers by giving them well over the 30 days to pay and not charging the old $10.00 late fee.  Unfortunately, we had to change this to 10 days in 2017.  Sadly, our leniency and generosity has lead to too many customers not paying in a prompt manner.

To fix the problem of late payments and late fees we have two easy ways to pay for your lawn program -

PrePay and MonthlyPay!


The best and most preferred option is to PrePay. PrePay for your lawn program upfront and save money with our PrePay discounts.

  • Your best option is pick the ClassicPlan and PrePay for your lawn services to save 12%
  • You can also PrePay and save 8% with the ClubPlan,
  • Or, PrePay and save 5% with the CorePlan

PrePay with any major credit/debit card or PayPal right on our safe and secure payment system powered by JOBBER.  We send you an invoice and with a few simple clicks you pay securely right online. If you prefer, you can print your invoice and mail us a check.  Just make sure to mail your check in time to get your discount.

If you choose not to PrePay, you can sign up with our MonthlyPay.  


You subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other services!  Now you can subscribe to ClassicLawns!

Here is how it works! 

  1. Once you APPROVE your ClassicLawns Lawn Program pick MonthlyPay
  2. We take your Lawn Program total and divide it into 10 monthly payments.  For example; if your lawn program is $350 for the year, we divide it into 10 easy payments.  There is a small $1.50/month processing fee.  So, your MonthlyPay for your lawn program is only $36.50 per month.
  3. Each month starting on March 1st and ending on December 1st, we charge your card on file with the security & reliability of JOBBER.
  4. When we do your lawn visits you will still get our email notifications with info and instructions for that days service.

We will NOT be accepting payments by check on the MonthlyPay program.

OK, so you say, "I do not want to PrePay or do the MonthlyPay.  What else can I do?"  ClassicLawns is flexible and willing to work with you to come up with a payment plan and method that works best for you.  Just remember that payment for any service we do is DUE UPON RECEIPT. We will be strictly enforcing our late fee policy and charging $15.00/month on all invoices not paid within 10 days. 

Thank you for your understanding and prompt payments.  No one wants to be a Bad Apple.

Call us with any questions!