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All the news you can use from Classic Lawns all in one place.  Now you can download everyone of our newsletters from right here on our website!  We used to leave these newsletters on your door after every application, but we love trees too much to keep wasting paper!  Plus, we got tired of throwing away money and filling landfills with printer ink and toner!   All of this keeps our prices down while keeping Mother Nature happy!

We hope you take the time to read a few of these newsletters!  We probably spend too much time writing them, but we feel it is important to inform you!  They are filled with tons of info on how to improve your lawn, tips on watering and notes on each lawn application we do!  Plus, on the back page of every newsletter you get Cary’s Corner!  Cary’s Corner is a quick story, arbitrary thoughts or random ramblings of the owner of Classic Lawns – Cary Carlson!  Often Cary’s Corner can be funny. Occasionally, it might even be inspiring! It is always a bit corny, but it is a good read!

Frequently, tucked inside these newsletters you can find a coupon or special offer that Classic Lawns provides for you to save some money!  Who doesn’t like saving money, right?  Scroll through and find one of these little Easter eggs.  Most of the coupons never expire!

So, start clicking on these newsletters!  Download them!  Share them with your friends!  Save them to your phone, iPad or tablet for those times when you need five minutes to kill and you are tired of staring at Facebook!

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Fall ’18

Seeding Instructions

Seeding Preparation

Summer Weed Control ’18

Summer & Grub ’18

Late Spring “18

Early Spring ’18

Winterizer ’17

Summer Weed Control ’17

Summer & Grub ’17

Seeding Preparation ’17

Seeding Instructions ’17

Late Spring ’17

Fall ’17

Early Spring ’17