Exclusive Classic Lawn Care Program

Exclusive Classic Lawn Care Program

ClassicLawns‘ Exclusive Classic Lawn Care Program uses environmentally friendly fertilizers and we greatly reduce the use of pesticides.  We realize that we only have one earth and we want to reduce our foot print on it.  We don’t want to blast your lawn with pesticides and unnecessary chemicals anymore than you do.  So, we introduced our Exclusive Classic Lawn Care Program!

Our Classic Lawn Care Program carefully balances your lawn’s diet, so it stays healthy, naturally.  Other companies blanket your lawn with unneeded pesticides that cause your soil to become unhealthy. A healthy lawn stays thick, green and vibrant.  The thicker and healthier your lawn is, the less it needs pesticides.  Fewer pesticides means a happier Earth.

Exclusive One Earth Lawn Care ProgramExclusive Classic Lawn Applications

Early Spring
Balanced fertilizer for a nice spring green up
plus a crabgrass preventer.

Late Spring
A booster application of a crabgrass preventer
plus fertilizer.

Summer Fertilizer*
A slow-release and non-burning fertilizer application.

Grub Control*
Season long grub control with guaranteed

Summer Weed Control
A treatment for troublesome summer weeds.
Also, a full lawn inspection is done.

A balanced fertilizer to help the lawn rebuild and
recover after summer stress.

A heavy fertilizer to help build roots thru the
winter and provide excellent spring color.

Broadleaf Weed Control is included with every application as needed.
* Grub Control Applied along with Summer Fertilizer App.

More Lawn ServicesExclusive One Earth Lawn Care Program

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Core Aeration (Click Here)

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Seeding Your Lawn the ClassicLawns Way

The best lawns are regular seeded with newer and better varieties of seed.  We can do anything from spot seeding all the way to a full lawn renovation with our premium weed free grass seed.

Winter Lime (Click Here)

A HEAVY rate of lime to raise soil pH and to improve the soil.

Mole Control

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