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Cary’s Corner – Let’s Turf Tango

Let's Turf TangoCary’s Corner

Let’s Turf Tango

I am not a big fan of that TV show Dancing with the Stars, but I will reluctantly admit that I have seen an episode or two.  If we are honest, we all watch it to see some quasi celebrity trip over their two left feet and make a fool of themselves on live TV.  However, we all love when a dancing pair is in sync, their movements flow as one and their chemistry drips off the screen.   Dancing is a beautiful thing!  Especially, the sultry and seductive TANGO!

We have all heard that old saying that it takes two to tango.  Well, let’s turf tango.  Shall we?

Turf Tango you ask?  Yes!  You and ClassicLawns on the dance floor.  Ok, on your lawn.  When you hired ClassicLawns, we became partners.  Hopefully, we can dance in sync and not trip over my two left feet.   As your dance partner, ClassicLawns’ promise to you is to provide the BEST service, use the BEST possible products, to be available to answer questions, to always do the right thing for you and your lawn, and to provide you with as much information as possible for a GREAT lawn!

ClassicLawns will lead.  All we ask in return in this Turf Tango is that you follow and communicate.  Follow our instructions for a great lawn and communicate with us if things need to be different.  We leave all kinds of info for you and your lawn here in these newsletters, our email newsletter, our website and in person.  If something isn’t right in your lawn and you’ve followed our instructions, PLEASE call us!  Text us!  Send us an email!  We are here to help …and dance!

So, grab those mowing shoes AND set up that sprinkler.  I will bring my spreader and some fertilizer and LET’S TANGO.  TURF TANGO!

Cary Carlson



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