Classic Lawns



April 15th. We all know that day as the dreaded day that we have to pay Uncle Sam. Around my house when I was growing up April 15th was the day dad finally got to relax and spend time with us. My dad has been a CPA for over 40 years and the closer it got to the 15th, the more my dad worked to meet those deadlines and commitments. Mom used to pack a dinner and take us kids to his office just to make sure he ate something and so that we could see him. His desk would have 4-5 piles of files and folders over two feet high of tax returns that needed to be done. I am still not sure how he got all of them done, but he did.

When it comes to lawn care at ClassicLawns, we have our own deadlines and commitments. We try real hard to get the first application done by April 10th at the latest. Usually, our spring starts kind of slow and builds to a super busy crescendo around mid-April. This year, WOW! We started at the crescendo. The warmest March ever brought many weeds and insects. It took longer days and even a few Sundays to get everyone done, but I am proud to say that we got it done.

I am not sure what all this warm spring weather means for the rest of the year, but we will be ready for whatever may come. Our commitment to you is to work with you to give you the best lawn possible. We want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood!

So even though sometimes it felt like we were running eight miles a minute for months at a time and running against the wind, we proudly made our deadlines and commitments.

Cary Carlson