Classic Lawns



Fez Q. Grass

One day while walking behind my spreader, I had one of those light bulbs over the head ideas. I had been thinking of a way to market ClassicLawns and to help customers with tips and advice. That is when it hit me. ClassicLawns needed a mascot, or as I like to say a GRASSCOT.

I dug out my old art supplies and sat down at my kitchen table and sketched out the first version of our grasscot. All those high school art classes were finally paying off. After a few modifications and with some help from my web/graphic art guru Gary Seevers, ClassicLawns had a GRASSCOT.

What’s in a name? Now my grasscot needed a cute and catchy name. I went through several that just were not quite right. I know I put more thought into naming my grasscot than any of my dogs, cats, pet lizards or maybe even my kids. Then just like it was meant to be, it hit me. I seed fescue grass all the time. I will name him Fez Q. Grass.

While Fez is cute and I hope you like him, his main purpose is to give you tips and advice on how to have a great lawn. So, Fez will be popping up all over the place with his Fez Says tips helping ClassicLawns bring you a great lawn!

Cary Carlson