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Cary’s Corner – What’s Really Important?

Cary’s Corner – What’s Really Important?

I’ve been doing this lawn care thing for a long time. I started way back in 1992 working for one of those big national chains. This year is the 10th year I’ve owned my own business. It is how I have made a living my entire adult life. So, it may be a surprise for you to read what I’m about to write. Growing grass in the Midwest is always a challenge. You can do everything right. You can mow perfectly, water religiously, apply all the right products and follow my instructions to a T and still have a spot or two die in your lawn. I have often looked at an upset and distressed customers fretting over a few dead spots and told them, “Don’t worry. It is only grass. We can grow more!”

This usually shocks people for a few seconds and then they realize I am right. In the big scheme of things, a few small spots of unhealthy grass is really no big deal.

Last summer my family was given some bad news. One of our family members, a mentor to all of us, the person we look up to and admire the most, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. All cancer SUCKS! No one ever wants to hear the dreaded “C” word, but pancreatic cancer is perhaps the worst. With the advances in cancer treatments these days, cancer doesn’t mean what it used to. However, pancreatic cancer still does.

Thankfully our family member is strong, has an unrelenting and resilient spirit and is fighting everyday! I admired this person before this fight and practically worship them now!

If grass is important to anyone, it is me. I can grow grass on cement in my sleep with one hand behind my back. It provides for my family. I’m thankful that grass is important enough to you to hire me to take care of it, but in the big scheme of things just remember…it is only grass! We can grow more!

Cary Carlson
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