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Cary’s Corner – Got Moles? Quit Blaming Grubs!

Got Moles?  Quit Blaming Grubs!

GrubsIf I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I could kill moles, I’d be hanging out with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Then undoubtedly the next question I am asked is, “What can you do to get rid of the grubs so the moles will go away?” I’m not sure how moles and grubs became so closely linked together, but it needs to stop. While it is true that moles eat grubs, grubs are not there main food source. We could take all the grubs away from moles, but it would be like taking pizza away from us. We are still going to eat chicken and hamburgers. The moles main food source is earthworms. In fact, they are up to 85% of the moles diet. Earthworms are not insects so we can’t kill them by applying insecticides to your lawn nor do we want. Earthworms are very beneficial to the soil.

So if controlling grubs doesn’t get rid of moles and applying insecticides doesn’t get rid of moles, then what are we do to do about these annoying lawn destroying moles? Unfortunately, the only answer is the good old fashion mole traps. By traps we mean mechanical mole killing devices. Although trapping is challenging, it is the most successful and practical method to get rid of moles and eliminate damage. Don’t waste your money on baits, repellents, noise makers, chewing gum, or fumigants. Don’t waste your time trying to drown them with your garden hose. It rarely works. Just go buy some good traps and learn how to trap them.

Here are Classic Lawns tips for trapping moles:
1. Go buy good mole traps. The more traps you buy the better your chances of catching a mole.
2. Stomp down all the runs in your lawn. Then wait two days.
3. Place your traps where mole runs have popped back up.
4. If after two more days you haven’t caught any moles, move your traps.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you get rid of your moles.
If these tips don’t work for you or you don’t have the time or energy to play mole conqueror, there are several companies in town that will do this for you. It is not necessarily cheap, but then again it is not easy to do. Learn more about moles and trapping here:

Finally, I still recommend our grub control application! Grubs can be very destructive and can wreak havoc on your lawn. Classic Lawns’ grub control is guaranteed! I look at it as Grub Insurance. If we apply grub control to your lawn and you get grubs, we will come back and kill them for free. If they do any damage to your lawn, we will fix it for free.

Next time you have moles you now know what to do and you can quit blaming grubs! Call us anytime with any of your mole or grub questions!