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Cary’s Corner – Superheroes and Real Superheroes

SuperheroesCary’s Corner – Superheroes and Real Superheroes

Superheroes are fun.  I have a lot of fun with our ‘grasscot’ Fez Q. Grass and our GRASSMAN characters.  If you have not checked out our short animated videos on our website, please go watch them  and share them with your friends.  You can also find our characters making appearances on Facebook.  There is Col. Crabgrass and his troops who are trying to set up camp in your lawn.  There is Dr. Dandelion who is set to take over your turf with his obnoxious yellow headed interlopers.  There are even more bad guys coming in 2015.  There are also good guys like The Mayor, Commissioner Carlson, Blade Green (GRASSMAN’S alter persona), and more coming soon.  Last, but certainly not least, there is our beloved superhero GRASSMAN who with his ClassicLawns’ super powers  protects your lawn from all the bad guys! 


Obviously all these characters are fun and are simply a marketing tool to help point out lawn issues.   However, recently I crossed paths with a REAL superhero.  This past Christmas my wife and I were returning from visiting family in Cleveland.  My plan was to stop in St. Louis at QuikTrip for one of their awesome hot dogs.  I missed my exit!   I was quite irritated and mad when we pulled into a non QuikTrip gas station.  As I was pumping gas, I looked over to the next pump and was humbled.  There was a young man wearing a US Marines t-shirt pumping gas into his truck with purple heart license plates.  He was standing on two prosthetic legs and pumping gas with his one good arm as he adjusted his shirt with his prosthetic arm.   I don’t know what happened to this young man while he served our country,  but he is a true SUPERHERO!   I did not get a chance to thank him in person, but I want to thank him here for his sacrifice and service.  THANK YOU  to all that have served our country so we can do what we do.   You are the REAL Superheroes!