Classic Lawns



Summertime!  Summer brings us great things like; warm weather, swimming pools, vacations, baseball, trips to the lake or a float down a river.  All of these activities are some of my favorite things.  When we were kids summer seemed to last forever.  Now it goes by so fast I never get to fit in all my favorite summer   activities.  I will get on a river a time or two this year.  That I can guarantee.


Unfortunately, I can also guarantee that summer will bring some problems for your lawn.  Living in the Mid-West brings us hot, humid days which can be tough on lawns.  This time of year can be frustrating.  It sometimes feels like all the hard work we’ve done on the lawn has been for naught.   The two biggest problems are disease and drought.


Most lawn diseases are caused by fungus.  These fungi are in the air all the time.  When weather conditions are just right and if your grass is susceptible, disease occurs.  Most diseases are a short term problem and grass usually recovers.  To combat disease do this:

  • Mow weekly & mow high (3”-3.5”)
  • Make sure your blade is SHARP!
  • Try to water only between 2 AM and 11 AM.
  • If disease gets too bad, call us for a fungicide treatment.
  • Over seed in the fall with a disease resistant grass variety.


When it starts getting hot and dry, many people feel that watering is a futile effort.  It is not.  Grass does not truly go dormant.  Grass can and does die from a lack of water.  Replacing grass by seeding or sodding is expensive.  Plus, you have to water even more to help new grass get established.  So, in the long run it is cheaper to water the grass you        currently have than to let it die, replace it and then water new grass.  You can let your grass turn brown, but you CAN’T completely quit watering.  One inch of water per week may not keep it green, but it will keep it alive.  Then, when temperatures cool down, your grass that you have been watering will recover and you will be spared the expense of seeding.  Call us for some watering tips and tricks!


Enjoy your summer while it lasts!


Cary Carlson