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Cary’s Corner – Do We Need Another Superhero?

character-grass-manMARCH 2013

I have been doing this lawn thing since 1992 when I was just a young 24 year old that thought he knew it all.  Most of those 21 years of work were spent working by myself.  So, blame it on too much time alone with my thoughts, but I’ve done it again.  Last year it was the Birth of Fez Q. Grass.  This year it is the introduction of Grassman.  The superhero that uses the power of ClassicLawns to protect the cities lawns form evil corrupters like Col. Crabgrass.


While it is true that the world is full of Superheroes like Batman, Thor, Ironman and Cap. America, not one of them protects Fez. Q. Grass and the other grasses that occupy your lawn.  Therefore, we do need another superhero!


Watch for full animated episodes of The Continuing Adventures of Grassman to pop up throughout the year on Facebook, YouTube, and on our new website!  The first episode is “The Invasion of Col. Crabgrass.”  Grassman must use his ClassicLawns super powers to fight off the Col. and is turf invading troops.


Admittedly, Grassman is a marketing tool that hopefully will get you talking even more about what a great company ClassicLawns is.  You can blame that on my Marketing Degree that my parents never thought I would use.  But, maybe just maybe Grassman will teach you a little something about how to have a great lawn, with ClassicLawns help, of course!