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Cary’s Corner – Dentists and Lawn Guys are the Same!


There are two dates a year that I absolutely dread.  There are actually three if you count April 15th-  Stop the TAXES!  Like many people, I am not a big fan of going to the dentist.  The two teeth cleaning appointments a year that you are supposed to go to cause a bit of anxiety for me.  Usually, they actually end up not being all that bad.  I do like having clean, polished teeth when done, but I do not like the scraping of the plaque with the metal pick like instruments nor do I care for the cold water and air on my sensitive teeth.  Plus, I find it just creepy having peoples fingers in my mouth.   It does not help that my dentist looks young enough to be a Justin Beiber fan.  Man I am getting old. 


The worst part about seeing the dentist is waiting for the news on the cavity front.  As much as I hate all this dentist stuff I’ve mentioned,  I absolutely positively hate the dentist’s drill.  The noise, the vibration in my mouth, the smell and the fact that I am never 100% numb.  OUCH!  Granted, I do not have as many cavities now that I am older, but now even my fillings are old and they need to be replaced. 


If all that isn’t bad enough, then the lecture comes from Dr. Beiber, “You know that all of this can be avoided with proper care.  Brush at least twice a day, don’t drink soda, floss EVERDAY…..”  He goes on and on with the lecture, but I tune him out.  I’ve heard it 100 times.  However, this time instead of having visions of sticking that metal pick instrument thing into an inappropriate orifice of Dr. Beiber a realization came to me.  Is this how I sound to my customers?  Are all my instructions on how to have a great lawn just heard as clicks and whistles while you envision stuffing my weed spray gun down my throat?  I hope not.  I know that our instructions can get repetitive and maybe even a bit overwhelming, but it really is in your lawns best interest.  So see, besides about 8 years of schooling and a few less zeros on our paychecks, Dentists and Lawn Guys are not that much different.  We just want what is best for you. 


Just in case you just read click, click, whistle, toot, whistle, I will translate for you.  Core aerate your lawn and floss your teeth!