Suzy St. Lawn

Suzy St. Lawn

Suzy St. Lawn

Meet Suzy St. Lawn

Suzy St. Lawn is a reporter at the local TV Station KLWN.   She works there with TV Anchorman Jon Maroon.  Suzy works hard to report all the lawn care news in town.  She is passionate about having beautiful, lush, dark-green lawns that are weed free!  Suzy takes her job seriously and has won several awards for her excellent reporting.  Watch here work here! The Attack of Grubzilla

Suzy’s Social Life

Suzy St. Lawn is currently romantically linked with the city’s favorite philanthropist Blade Green.  Suzy and Blade are often seen around town and are considered the cities favorite couple.  She is unaware that Blade Green is the alter ego of our beloved superhero GRASSMAN!Suzy St. Lawn Interview

Suzy’s Secret

Unbeknown to almost everyone she is the secret alter ego of Grass Girl!  Suzy came up with her alter ego Grass Girl after being present at many of GRASSMAN’S victories over evil invaders.  She wanted to do more than just report so she became Grass Girl.  Check out her transformation from TV Reporter to Grass Girl on our Facebook page.  Suzy Transforms.

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