Classic Lawns



When I was in eighth grade we had to take Health class.  Nobody ever wants to take Health class, but boys especially don’t want to take Health class.  It was not just because the topics covered were boring like diet and exercise.  Or, those topics were slightly embarrassing like sex education and male and female reproduction body parts.  The main reason boys hated the class was because we all knew we were going to get forced to  pair up with one of the girls from class and we were going to have to pretend to be   parents of a little boy or girl.  Back in my day the little boy or girl was an egg that we had to decorate and take turns carrying around with us for a week.  This included at home and if we were going out with friends you had to find a “babysitter” for your egg.  I think this was supposed to teach us about being responsible and dependable and how to take care of something.  Or, scare us into not being teenage parents.  I’m not sure it really worked.


Well, today we have given you your own little “egg.”  We seeded your lawn.  Now it is up to you to take care of it.  You have to fuss over it and give it water daily.  You have made an investment in your lawn that comes with responsibility.  I do not want to sound “preachy”, but year after year I see newly seeded lawns not make it due to a lack of water.  I know it can be a pain to follow the seeding instructions, but if you do you will be rewarded with a beautiful lawn.  So, just like I was forced to fuss over a silly egg for a week in Eighth grade, you now must fuss over your new grass.  Call us if you have any questions!


Cary Carlson