Dr. Dandelion

Dr. Dandelion

Meet Dr. Dandelion

Dr. DandelionThe dreaded Dr. Dandelion is an evil scientist that is trying to take over your lawn with a a blanket of obnoxious yellow interlopers.  Dr. Dandelion is a constant pain in GRASSMAN’S side.  Just when you think the evil doctor has been defeated for good, BAM!  He is back with one of his yellow headed invaders!  GRASSMAN must use all his Classic Lawns super powers to fight off Dr. Dandelion and his malicious minions every year.

The Constant Battle Rages On

Dr. Dandelion is the most prevalent of all the evil villains that Classic Lawns and GRASSMAN run up against.  His seeds blow in from neighbors lawns.  Classic Lawns kills off one of his yellow headed interlopers and another can POP UP just days later.  Have no fear though!  GRASSMAN and his Classic Lawns super powers can always defeat Dr. Dandelion and his wretched followers.  Watch GRASSMAN defeat him here! Dr. Dandelions TakeoverDr. Dandelion Invades


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