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Cary’s Corner – Referrals, DIY Mistakes and Procrastination!

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There are so many mistakes homeowners make when they try to take care of their lawn themselves. There is a ton of information and misinformation out there on how to take care of your lawn. What products should I use? How much should I use? If a little is good, then a lot is better, right? Then even if you get the right product, did you apply it at the right time? Is that brown spot in my lawn due to disease, drought, insects, too much water or from the neighbor’s dog? There is a lot that goes into making lush, beautiful green lawns. Granted lawn care isn’t brain surgery or rocket science. However, it does take brains and science to do lawn care right. Don’t worry. Classic Lawns is here to help!

Don’t Procrastinate! Lawn Care Applications Start in March!

At Classic Lawns we get calls from folks wanting to start up lawn care in April or May. We are happy to get new customers, but they have already missed the first or possibly second application! We fertilize in early spring to help lawns green up and fill in fast! Plus, we apply the season’s first pre-emergent to help prevent crabgrass, foxtail and other weeds. Classic Lawns starts applications in March and if the weather is nice maybe even late February! Weed seeds start sprouting when SOIL temperatures reach 55-60 degrees. The evil crabgrass germinates when your SOIL temperature hits 58 degrees for 3 days in a row! Once crabgrass makes a home in your lawn, it is extremely difficult to get rid of! April 15th is the drop dead date for crabgrass prevention so DON”T wait!

Call Classic Lawns TODAY!

If DIY lawn care is no longer cutting it for you or if you are unhappy with your current lawn care company and want to hire someone new, call Classic Lawns today! Get on our schedule early so we can make your lawn green, healthy and weed free! Call us at 417-812-5321 and sign up for our Exclusive One Earth Lawn Care Program. Learn more about us and our earth friendly lawn program at!