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Cary’s Corner – @*#% Inflation!

 @*#% Inflation!

I usually attempt to be light hearted and funny in these posts, but sadly there just isn’t anything to laugh about when it comes to the current inflation issue.

If you have been to the gas station, bought groceries, or taken a breath you know that everything costs more these days.  The lawn care industry dodged the inflation bullet for awhile, but the last time I looked in the mirror there was a bullseye on my backside.  How much has it hit us you ask?  Here is a short and very sad example between now and 2020:


  • Bag of Fertilizer – 30-40% more
  • New Truck – $10,000 more 
  • Gas – You know.  You buy it too.
  • Starting wages for a new lawn guy – $12/hour in 2020.  $18/hour now.
  • 50 lb. Bag of Seed – TWO TIMES 2020 prices

We have done our best to keep prices down and fight inflation, but it is like fighting Rocky Balboa, you just can’t win!

So, when you get a quote from ClassicLawns please understand that we are doing our best.  Maybe sit down before you open it and if you are looking for someone to blame…write a congressman!