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Cary’s Corner

Commisioner CarlsonI Know Stuff!

I turn 50 years old later this year.  The big day is in September if you want to mark your calendar or get some shopping done.  In those 50 years I have learned many, many things.  I have one of those brains that remembers all kinds of stuff.  Most of it is trivial, useless information.  I tend to remember things that would help you win a game of Trivial Pursuit or win some money on Jeopardy.  I do not know everything though.  Trust me! Just ask my wife.

However, I do know a tremendous amount of stuff about lawns!   I started doing this lawn care thing back in 1992!  That was 27 years ago!  So, over half my life I have been working on lawns.   I estimate that I have done over 50,000 lawn applications.   I have acquired a lot of knowledge in those 27 years.

I am smart enough to know that I don’t know everything about lawns.  I once worked with a guy named Peter.  Peter knew WAY more about lawns than I will ever know.  One day long ago I asked Peter, “On a scale of 1 to 10 where would you rank your lawn knowledge?”   I thought I was about a 6 or 7 at that time so I was expecting him to say 10 or 9.5.  After thinking about it for a minute, Peter replied, “2”.  WOW.  What an eye opener.  If Peter thought he was a 2 then my knowledge must rank at some ridiculous negative number!

I have learned quite a bit since then.  Most of it from Peter!  I try to share this knowledge with you in these Cary’s Corners.  Did you know that you can go read ALL my Cary’s Corners on my website?

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You can learn lawn stuff about grubs and moles, Bermuda grass, Johnsongrass, lawn diseases, and how to water and mow properly.  Plus, there are some fun stories about me, my family and my friends mixed in.

Stop by my website anytime to read the stuff I know.  Would you like to know more info on something,?  Drop me your ideas for future Cary’s Corners by calling, texting or emailing.  My info is below!

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