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Cary’s Corner – Do you Believe in Magic?

Do You believe in Magic?

The great classic song by The Lovin Spoonful asks just that question.  Of course, they were talking about how music magically makes you happy and how it can make you fall in love.   As a kid, I was    fascinated by magic.  They used to have one hour TV specials with popular magicians performing all kinds of amazing feats.  I made sure to never miss a special by Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone, or David Copperfield.  My parents even took me to see a live performance by Harry Blackstone and bought me several magic kits.  Somewhere along the way, I lost my passion for magic.  It was probably about the time I noticed the magic of girls!  See how I brought it back to the song?

As a lawn care provider, I often feel like people think that we are magicians.  That we can just come out to your lawn, wave our magic wands, say a few magic words and POOF!  You have a beautiful thick, green lawn that is free of all weeds!  While ClassicLawns work is pretty magical, I wish it was that easy.  When it comes to lawns, especially in the Mid-West, it is a constant challenge.  It is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  There is not one single type of grass that is happy with our weather.  So, we start behind the 8 ball.  I have to regularly remind people that grass is a living entity.  Like all things that are alive grass can not survive without food or water.  We can feed it, but the home owner is in charge of the water.  Hopefully, you don’t go months without watering your house plants or your pets.

I could go on, but I think you are getting my point.  What ClassicLawns does is not magic.  It is years of experience figuring out what works best for our lawns.  Our best magic trick is recognizing,  diagnosing, and fixing problems.  The real magic comes from you the homeowner.  When you follow our instructions and guidance and do the things we recommend…ABRACADABRA!  Magic happens and you end up with a beautiful lawn.

I often tell people that when you sign on with ClassicLawns, we become partners in providing a great lawn.  Our promise is that we will pull every trick out of our hat to give you a great lawn, but just like all the great magicians we can’t do it without a lovely assistant. Thanks for being our lovely assistant!

Cary Carlson – Owner of ClassicLawns