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Cary’s Corner – Brown Patch Disease

Brown Patch Disease

Have you noticed your lawn turning brown even though we have had plenty of rain?  Well, the excessive rain is causing the problem.  Brown Patch Disease has become rampant in area lawns.  Brown Patch Disease is caused by a fungus that is in the air all the time and just takes the right weather conditions to become active.  These conditions are: High Humidity, High Nighttime Temperatures and Moisture.  We have the perfect conditions for the disease to be rampant!  Fescue grass is the most susceptible to this disease and I have seen it all over town(including my own lawn). Brown Patch Disease

I know you are concerned about this disease.  However, most of the time Brown Patch Disease does not do permanent damage to your lawn.  I compare it to catching a cold.  When you have a cold you look bad, you feel awful and you think you are going to die.  Now, can you die from a cold?  Yes, but it is unlikely.  Same with Brown Patch Disease.  When the weather conditions that are causing the disease go away, so does the disease.  What can you do to help?  Follow the rules that Fez Q Grass explains.

Fez with Brown PatchHow To Minimize Brown Patch

To help keep Brown Patch from getting too bad, follow these rules:

  • Mow as high as you can.
  • Mow every 5-7 days.
  • Make sure your mower blade is SHARP.  A dull blade rips the leaf tissue making it easier for disease to get into plant.
  • Remember your lawn is going to look worse after mowing it because you have mowed off some of the green tips of the lawn exposing more disease.  It will look better as it grows.
  • Water ONLY between 2AM-11AM.  Watering in the evening hours leaves the leaf tissue wet for too long.  We want to provide water for the lawns roots while trying to keep the leaf tissue dry as much as possible.  Morning dews start around 2AM and dry out around 11AM.  This is when we want to water.  If you water in the evening like around 5PM the leaf tissue stays wet from 5PM to 11AM. This is bad.  It is like going out and running 5miles and taking your sweaty shirt off and throwing it in a ball in the corner of your room.  Your shirt will get mildew on it.  Same thing with this disease.
  • Remember your lawn almost always grows our of this disease and recovers completely when weather conditions improve.
  • If your lawn gets too bad, we can apply a fungicide that can help minimize the disease.

We can apply a fungicide to help minimize the disease.

However, we usually try to use this as a last resort.  Fungicides are expensive and they need to be applied every 3 weeks for best results.  If you are interested in applying a fungicide, Classic Lawns can do this for you!  We charge 2 times your regular application price to apply a fungicide treatment.

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